Company History

Bay Line Cutting & Coring, Inc. was founded in 1993 fully committed to becoming the pinnacle of the very best in the concrete cutting and coring industry. Bringing together their diverse technical backgrounds, the founders forged their range of skills and talents into a complementary body of knowledge used to serve the Greater Bay Area’s construction industry with excellence. With its founding vision guiding it, the firm has utilized every job  as an opportunity to further its continuous mission to respond to its customers’ needs without jeopardizing the firm’s values, integrity, and the safety of its employees.

Mission Statement

Bay Line Cutting & Coring, Inc. is committed to the pursuit of excellence in our industry without jeopardizing its honesty, integrity, and the values and safety of its employees.

Vision & Values

Established on a breadth of technical core competencies which include asphalt and concrete cutting and coring, bridge deck maintenance services, and general construction contracting, Bay Line Cutting & Coring, Inc. relies on its Mission Statement to guide the firm. The core values it holds with the deepest sincerity are: the commitment to excellence within its industry without jeopardizing honesty, integrity, and the values and safety of its employees; the commitment to expand its customer base while properly serving its current customers; and the commitment to the well-being of its employees and their families.