Core Competencies

  • Asphalt & Concrete Slab Sawing

    Professionally customized flat sawing units exclusively use premium quality diamond blades to cut any depth of asphalt over reinforced concrete up to 27″ deep
  • Asphalt & Concrete Coring

    Fleet of professional-grade electric core drilling units have the power to core holes up to 60″ in diameter through asphalt and reinforced concrete
  • Concrete Wall Sawing

    Wall sawing units exclusively use premium quality diamond blades to make vertical and horizontal flush cuts at any depth up to 36″ deep.
  • Traffic Loops

    Our professional flat sawing fleet includes specialized equipment to saw cut traffic loops.      
  • Concrete Wire Sawing

    Top-of-the-line wire sawing units can cut concrete blocks at virtually any depth.
  • Polyester Concrete Overlay

    Fleet of volumetric trucks can furnish and place polyester concrete overlay for bridge deck maintenance.  
  • High-Molecular Weight Methacrylate

    We have a division that focuses on bridge deck maintenance projects that specialize in placing a high-molecular weight methacrylate polymer that fills and hardens into cracks in the bridge deck surface to prevent further concrete cracking and spalling.
  • Bridge Joint Maintanence

    Joint seal assembly projects are part of our core competencies.